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Julie Carter 

Counselling Services

We are a team of caring and committed social workers, psychotherapists and counsellors providing mental health and relationship services in Sarnia-Lambton. We have extensive experience and training in a variety of areas, allowing us to provide services to meet our clients’ individual needs.


We are committed to providing helpful services in partnership with our clients to assist them to improve their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing.  Our passion is helping people delight in themselves, their relationships and their lives.


Individual Therapy

We provide a caring supportive atmosphere for people to engage in counselling to help deal with life's challenges or personal growth.

Child/Teen Therapy

We provide a child/teen-friendly space for children and teens to engage in counselling to discuss concerns or challenges they are experiencing.

Therapy Session

Intensive Therapy

Dig deep in longer or more frequent treatments with intensive therapy.

Family Therapy

We provide therapy that assists all family members to engage in conversations with a focus on understanding each other’s experiences, views and needs.

Walking the Dog

Walk and Talk

Not interested in the traditional setting of seated talk therapy? Let's take a walk. You can even bring your best dog friend along.

Relationship &

Couples Therapy 

We provide counselling which assists couples in exploring areas of conflict and in developing more effective strategies for managing it.

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